Highwater Sails

At Highwater Sails we are focused on providing the best possible service and products to sailors in the South West. Our expertise is built through our passion for sailing and the sea.

From many miles sailed, raced and won the Highwater team have a deep knowledge of sailing and sailmaking, and thus no matter if you are racing or cruising we always strive to build and provide the best possible sails. From our 215sqm modern sail loft in Plymouth, we provide an expert sailmaking service across the West Country. We utilize the best materials and work practices to ensure our sails, accessories, and repairs are of the highest quality.

Our Highwater Sails are built from scratch, in-house by Andy and the team. We are focused to bring better all-purpose cruising sails to the water.


Highwater Sails is a North Sails approved loft. With North Sails, we are able to provide the worlds best sails, design and sailmaking experience to the South West. Working in close connection with their UK loft in Gosport, we can help sailors go further faster and find more enjoyment from their sailing. Unmatched in the material technology and understanding, North Sails brings a new level of sails to the South West.