RWYC Wednesday Night Racing Fast and Fun Week 2

1884 Series keeps sailors on their toes with a gusty easterly!

Wednesday afternoon greeted the expectant sailors with sun and wind, just released from the chains of the work day there was no holding back the boats as many were on the water early. The sun meant that it kept them warm as the boats played with the Easterly breeze that was dropping into the Sound from the hills bringing some fun-filled gusts. The start line was laid with some Port bias to keep the fleet away from several lobster pots near the committee boat.

The short windward-leeward first race gave everyone the warm-up they needed to get the muscles moving. Some boats tactically reefed to break away from the traditional evening racing mantra that more is always better… It was a quick race through and finishing on corrected time in IRC was J109 – Ju Kyu in 1st, followed by Mumm 36 – Sunburst in 2nd & the J24 – Italian Job helmed by John Gorman in 3rd. Port Handicap saw J80 – Joie de Vivre finish 1st closely followed by J24 – Unity Lets helmed by Matt Conyers & 3rd place went to Seascape 24 – Pete Wanstall!

Race 2 was the usual around the cans fun and with everyone suitably warmed up boats weren’t holding back as one boat pulled a port-tack flyer at the start! On the course, it was a day for the bow people of the world to work their magic, or not, in the cases of some boats who struggled to get jibs up and spinnakers swiftly enough as boats raced up to marks in the breeze.

Race committee Keith Davies & Alan Nichols, shortened the course early to make sure everyone got ashore to have a quick dinner & drink at the club before home and the working week beckoned. All in all, race 4 IRC went to Peter Rowe – Ju Kyu – 1st, 2nd was Dan Flanagan – Sunburst & Nick Barlow – Jeopardy 2 in 3rd. Race 4 – Port Handicap saw Unity Lets – J24 take 1st place, Joie de Vivre – Adam James in 2nd & the Ballad, Windwhistle – helmed by Martin Jones in 3rd.

Overall for yesterdays racing, we saw in IRC: 1st Ju Kyu, 2nd Sunburst & 3rd Italian Job. Port Handicap saw Unity Lets – 1st, Joie de Vivre – 2nd & Windwhistle – 3rd.


Thanks to everyone for coming out sailing on a great evening and our volunteer team for the snappy work! See you next week!

*** If you would like to help us run fun racing please contact, volunteers are always welcomed!***

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