North Sails Partnership!!

Highwater sails North Partnership

After many hours of work and labour, Andy and Highwater Sails have secured a partnership with the worlds largest sail makers, now giving them the ability to expand there arsenal of sails and sail cloths. Racing, Cruising, and a multitude of one-design sails are now available from Highwater Sails thanks to this new partnership.

Highwater Sails Plymouth's expert local sailmakers are now in a partnership with North sails

Does your one-design craft wear the North sails suit? Now you have access to a south-western distributor of high quality North sails. On top of providing brand new North sails, Highwater Sails are also an official North sails service and repair loft, this means any North sails can be brought to the team at Highwater sails, serviced, and still remain class-legal.

The Team at Highwater sails is excited to see where this new partnership takes them, expect to see big things from Highwater sails in the Future.


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