Dan Ellis’ 3Di Moth Madness

The Man behind the moth

Dan Ellis (I’m sure you’ve heard the name), Plymouth’s Moth magician and one of the country’s best (Moth) sailors. He placed 4th in the nationals of 2017 and a jaw dropping 18th in the world championships of the same year.

Dan just received a brand spanking new North 3Di Nordak Raw sail. A surprise to both Dan himself, and the team at Highwater sails.

As is the North sails way, the sail is expertly crafted. Lightweight and stunning to the eye. And in white a perfect match for Dan’s boat (White hull, red wings).

Dan’s hoping to get out on the water and give the new sail a test run, competing in a few events.

Dan’s campaigns (supported by Highwater sails) can now take him even further in the world. And soon hopefully Plymouth will have its very own Moth sailing National (and maybe even world) champion!

Good luck to Dan in his campaigns. Can’t wait to see him continuing to push the limits of his boat out in Plymouth sound.

Dan Ellis' new 3Di Nordak Raw Moth SailNorth one Design Sail bag for Dan Ellis' Moth sail
Dan Ellis' new 3Di Nordak Raw Moth Sail

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