Highwater Sails “End of an Era”

The re-branding begins

Andy Sinclair (Director of Highwater sails) called it the end of an era as the old ‘Technique Voile’ sign came down and the new Highwater / North sails one went up Today (02/02/2018), with the help of Dan’s (office manager) tip toes and a step ladder. Marking the beginning of their re-branding.

With a set of new flyers and business cards to accompany the new and improved logo, as well as the brand new Website (www.Highwatersails.com). Andy Sinclairs work has finally paid of and it seems there is a bright future ahead for him and his sail loft.

Now there’s no excuse for anyone not to come down and get out on the water in Plymouth sound.

Highwaters’ got your back!

Highwater Sails Re-branding

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