Dart 15 Deck Sweeper 2.0

“Teaching an old girl new tricks”, these were the words Andy Sinclair (Designer and Creator of the Dart 15 Deck sweeper) used when he felt the change in performance from the ‘original’ Dart 15 mainsail, to the so called Mark 1, and now into his new and improved Mark 2 deck sweeper.

The modifications are nothing more than a modernisation of the original design, the sail area has remained the same and no changes have been made to any of the rigging (halyards, main sheet, fore stay etc.) the benefits of deck-sweepers have been made clear. Mischa Heemserk developed and used a deck-sweeper on his F18 (Formula 18) during this year’s (2017) world championships, and ended each race miles ahead of the competition with bullet after bullet.

The extra power created from a simple re-design, while racing against ‘old style’ Darts, is made clear.

Andy Sinclair said :

“Teaching an old girl new tricks! The Sprint 15 Deck sweeper #2 in action last weekend on Plymouth sound. It’s amazing what some modern technology can do to transform a boat”

Andy still continues to develop and design his deck-sweeper design and hopefully soon Mark 3 will be complete and we’ll be one step closer to the final design.

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