The Wind Never Stops Western

After a morning of boat repairs, Andy Sinclair and the rest of the motley crew from Royal Western Yacht Club were ready for a fun filled morning of racing. Due to wind conditions and chill factor the officer in charge opted to cancel the racing.

Never turning down a challenge, Andy, Aaron, Sam, and Joe (Along with a few other boats) launched in an RS200 (Andy & Aaron) and a Laser 3000 (Joe & Sam).

A little on the light side, Sam and Joe struggled keeping their 3000 up in the tricky conditions, knowledge of proper trapezing techniques learnt at the RWYC academy sessions came in handy to keep the boat upright (Although sometimes the wind got the better of them) Andy and Aaron in their 200 kept themselves dry (relatively) along with all the other boats on the water that day…

Maybe Joe and Sam were cursed!

After a short bit of a warm up inside the Cattwater, the fleet braved the open water, and (with the Laser 3000 Kite up leading the way) headed out into Plymouth Sound to make the best of the high winds and wavy seas, this proved the perfect practice session for some downwind sailing, utilising the entire length of the sound (Breakwater to Breakwater) to test out the 3000′ and the 200′ downwind capability (and both of their crews Arms!).

The whole fleet came of the water with beaming faces, racing may be cancelled, but that never stops the Western fleet from having fun!

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